2015 Schedule


Saturday, April 18th

6pm: Enchanted Kingdom 

8pm: How to Change the World

Sunday, April 19th

3 pm: Prehistoric Planet & Life Force: Borneo

3:15 pm: A Sloth Named Velcro, Sophisticated Ants, Potty Time

5 pm: Manufactured Landscapes

5:15 pm: Invasion of the Killer Whales Leopard: Ultimate Survivor

7 pm: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

7:15 pm: A Wolf’s Place & Snow Monkeys

Monday, April 20th

5 pm: Wild Australia The Greater Caucasus

5:15 pm: Consider the Ant, The Wild Wet, Hallowed Isles

7 pm: Leopards: 21st Century Cats Silencing the Thunder

7:15 pm: Salmo Trutta Lacustris & Rivers and Tides

Tuesday, April 21st

5 pm: Earth-A New Wild: Plains & Greater Sage Grouse: Emblem of the American West

5:15 pm: Sardine Run Walking Under Water

6 pm: UC Theater: Screening Return Of The River with Dean Jim Burchfield, College of Forestry and Conservation. Sponsored by The President’s Office at The University of Montana. FREE

Wednesday, April 22nd

3 pm: Saving my Tomorrow

5 pm: Earth-A New Wild: Water, Shark Migration, & The Last Dragon: Protecting Appalachia’s Hellbenders

5:15 pm: Chances of the World Changing

7 pm: Special Earth Day Screening: Planetary 

7:15 pm: Africa’s Giant Killers & The Ultimate Honey Badger

Thursday, April 23rd

3 pm: Saving my Tomorrow

5 pm: Life Story Ep 1 & 2  

5:15 pm: Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South

6 pm: Wasteland

8 pm: The Plow That Broke The Plains & The River with LIVE musical score by NextDoorPrisonHotel. 

Friday, April 24th

3 pm: Saving my Tomorrow

5 pm: Tiny Giants & Galapagos

5:15 pm: The Russian River: All Rivers – The Value of An American Watershed

7 pm: Awards Ceremony

8 pm: Merchants of Doubt

8:15 pm: Poached Fungiphilia Rising

Saturday, April 25th

11:00 am: Wild Hawaii: Land of Fire Beak and Brain: Genius Birds from Down Under

11:15 am: Rara Avis: John James Audubon and the Birds of America

1:00 pm: Walking in Two Worlds & Chuitna: More Than Salmon on the Line

1:00 pm: Madagascar: Beyond Africa & Saving Africa’s Giants with Yao Ming

2:00 pm: It’s a Wild Life

3:00 pm: Monarchs & Milkweed, The Realm of the Snow Leopard & Mapping the Blue

3:00 pm: Urban Beekeeper & Love Thy Nature

3:45 pm: Tigress Blood & Mine Detection Rats

5:00 pm: Silencing the Thunder & Africa’s Giant Killers
5:15 pm: The Wild Wet & Walking Under Water
6:00 pm: The Last Dragons: Protecting Appalachia’s Hellbenders & Enchanted Kingdom
7:00 pm: Portrait of an Urban Beekeeper & Poached
7:15 pm: Life Story Ep01 & EARTH A New Wild: Plains
8 pm: Merchants of Doubt

Sunday, April 26th

7:00 pm: Special Encore Screening: How to Change the World