27th Annual Wildfest & WildWalk Parade

In 2019 The UM Widlife Society and IWFF are combining forces to make the best WildFest yet! We are partners in producing the 27th Annual WildFest and WildWalk Parade. By approaching this event together we are looking to expand our reach, share resources and make an impact!

As a matter of fact, IWFF was started by a bear biologist and professor named Chuck Jonkel and the festival was led by the Student Wildlife Society for the first 15 years of the festival.

Each year, thousands of children and members of the community attend WildFest, WildWalk and the IWFF screenings at the Roxy Theater and on campus at the Dennison theater.

Ready to let your inner animal out? Check out the ZACC Costume Making Workshop March 25th-March 29th. 

We hope you once again choose to be a part of this springtime tradition!

Details For Vendors:


The WildWalk Parade and WildFest Saturday, April 13th, 2019. This is a great opportunity for kids and parents to dress up as their favorite flora or fauna and then walk, hop, and crawl down Higgins Avenue. The parade begins at noon and participants should line up by the XXXs beginning at 11:30AM.

Children from the same classes/groups are welcome to walk together in the parade, or kids can walk with their families and friends.

WildFest will pick up where the parade ends in Caras Park with live music, food vendors, and fun activities hosted by local organizations (that’s you!) dedicated to sharing knowledge with our community about wildlife and conservation.

IWFF’s theme this year is ADAPTATION