Best Broadcast Feature Film

Laws of the Lizard

2017/ Duration: 44 Minutes

Director: Nathan Dappen and Neil Losin

Best Feature Conservation Film

The Last Rhino

2018/ Duration: 60 Minutes

Director: Rowan Deacon

Two bull mountain caribou spar on a snowy fall day. With their habitat continueing to be threatened by logging and mining, the future of these magnificant creatures is in grave peril.

Best Short Conservation Film

Last Stand: The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest

2018/ Duration: 34 Minutes

Director: Colin Arisman

Best Environmental Film

Islands in Time

2017/ Duration: 50 Minutes

Director: Paul Reddish and Matt Hamilton

Queen without Land

Best Environmental Film

Queen Without Land

2018/ Duration: 53 Minutes

Director: Asgeir Helgestad

Best Human Wildlife Interaction Film

Bears of Durango

2018/ Duration: 60 Minutes

Director: Dusty Hulet

Bird of Prey resized

Best Independent Film

Bird of Prey

2018/ Duration: 95 Minutes

Director: Eric Liner

Camera Trap _Still_Tired resized

Best Newcomer Film

Camera Trap

2017/ Duration: 25 Minutes

Director: Marty O'Brien

A Film About Animals (for my children to watch when they are older)

Best Short Film

A Film About Animals (For My Children To Watch When They Are Older)

2018/ Duration: 60 Minutes

Director: Dusty Hulet


Best Student Film

Firefox Guardian

2018/ Duration: 14 Minutes

Director: Gunjan Menon


Best Children’s Film

Tipping Point

2017/ Duration: 27 Minutes

Director: Dylan D’haeze

Sky Migrations

Special Jury Prize

Sky Migrations

2017/ Duration: 15 Minutes

Director: Charles Post, Forrest Woodward and Max Lowe

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Best of Festival Film

The Hollow Heart

2017/ Duration: 48 Minutes

Director: Barend Van Der Watt

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Founder’s Award

Bob Landis