Habitat’s Brink Shorts Block

Habitat’s Brink Shorts Block

April 25, 2024

Wings of Oder

Growing up near the Oder in Poland, Piotr Chara spent most of his childhood in and around the river. Later, Piotr noticed that climate change had negatively impacted the wildlife of the once-thriving shores. Birds' habitats were compromised, making them easy prey for predators. Piotr researched solutions and started an organization that builds floating nests for the birds. Now, Piotr films the birds as part of his studies, reporting his findings to The Foundation of the Green Valley of the Oder.


Healy follows a crew of scientists and sailors through a two-month research mission seeking out to understand why the northern ice cap is melting faster than climate models have predicted – and how the transformation is altering life on Earth. We follow the crew of USCGC Healy from the Aleutian Islands through the Bering Strait and into the Beaufort Sea, where shipmates encounter the singular beauty of the frozen Arctic Ocean.

Arctic: Our Frozen Planet

At the top of the globe lies a spectacular frozen realm. But don’t be fooled by appearances...this place is not frozen in time. It’s a dynamic ecosystem and for thousands of years, its indigenous people and wildlife have found ways to survive and live in harmony with these extremes. As the planet’s climate is experiencing rapid changes, so is the Arctic. But the changes here are happening faster and more dramatically than anywhere else. Can it keep pace?

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