Wings of Hope Shorts Block

Wings of Hope Shorts Block

April 21, 2024

The Unseen

Timo the Kaua'i O'o is busy making his nest,when he hears a reply to his mating call. Desperate to find his mate, he takes flight, only to find the source of the reply is not what he had hoped.

Underbirds: The Fight to Save the Southern New Zealand Dotterel

Nestled in the rugged and remote mountains of Rakiura, Stewart Island, a remarkable story unfolds. With less than 126 birds remaining, a team of Department of Conservation Rangers are fighting to preserve the Southern New Zealand Dotterel, the country's most endangered bird.

Curlews & Cows

Curlews nest in grasslands, one of the fastest disappearing habitats in the West. Researchers track use satellite telemetry to track curlews as they migrate in order to understand how ranching helps maintain migrating and nesting habitat.

Bird-Window Collisions

Bird-window collisions often lead to avian injuries or fatalities. This documentary follows two graduate students, Hsieh Chi-heng and Kan Chia-yun, as they archive bird-window collisions and collect birds' remains. Their humble efforts have built a database for bird-window collisions in Taiwan. These students demonstrate respect and sympathy for life, and provide a roadmap for “greening cities" to follow.

Warning: Depiction/Discussion of dead animals.

Eye of the Hornbill

The Tenasserim mountains of South-East Asia appear quiet, but deep inside, adventures take place under the attentive eye of the hornbill. Today, a monsoon soaks the jungle, and the Black-naped monarch will have to be persistent if he wants to maintain his plumage.

Saving the Bone-Swallower

In the heart of northeast India, on a desolate landfill site, a bird once considered a troublesome pest and a carrier of disease, the endangered Greater Adjutant stork, scavenges to survive in an unlikely urban ecosystem. Saving the Bone-swallower explores the unique lives of these endangered storks, following the quest of a grassroots level conservationist, Purnima Devi Barman, to save the last remaining birds with the help of an army of rural Assamese women.

Looking Up

In Looking Up, the camera turns its lens on three troubled individuals whose lives intersect through a shared love for birdwatching. This short film doesn't sugarcoat life's challenges, but it gently reminds us that sometimes, the simple act of reconnecting with nature can be a powerful remedy.

Warning: Depiction/Discussion of sexual abuse, depression and anxiety.

Cafe Y Aves

Coffee farms in Colombia exist in some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. However, agriculture is putting pressure on that biodiversity that is causing catastrophic declines in migratory bird species. Farmers are working alongside scientists to find solutions that will be better for birds AND coffee.

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