Îinha Synopsis: For Jason Reed, salmon are synonymous with life. He has grown up on the banks of California’s Klamath River where the Karuk Tribe have depended on these salmon since time immemorial. But in recent years, nearly all the salmon have stopped returning to the river to spawn. To save the salmon and his … Read more


Hypnotise Synopsis: After 34 years serving in the Australian Navy, the ex-HMAS Brisbane was scuttled off the coast of Queensland in 2005. 17 years later, this epic 130 meter artificial reef is home to over 200 species of fish. Hypnotise captures the seemingly symbiotic relationship between the ship and the marine life that calls it … Read more

Hen Harrier: Skydance to Skydance

Hen Harrier: Skydance to Skydance Synopsis: A watercolour-illustrated stop-motion animation describing the lifecycle of the hen harrier and the threats to this beautiful bird of prey in the UK. Directors: Lauren Cook Duration: 2 minutes 24 seconds United Kingdom WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Sponsored by

Hellbender in the Blue

Hellbender in the Blue Synopsis: From New York to Appalachia, the two-foot long Eastern hellbender salamander is an indicator species of our river health. The population has declined noticeably since the early 1980s. Taking place in the Blue River watershed of Southern Indiana, this film shares the story of a state-wide effort to improve the … Read more


Hargila Synopsis: A wildlife photographer travels to India intent on documenting the rarest stork on earth but soon discovers a conservation hero and her inspiring efforts to rally a local community to save it. Directors: Gerrit Vyn Produced by Gerrit Vyn and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Duration: 23 minutes Finalist Category: Short US WATCH … Read more

Finding Gulo

Finding Gulo Synopsis: Finding Gulo follows a backcountry ski guide & field biologist who set out to document an elusive population of wolverines. This short film celebrates the power of citizen science to protect endangered wildlife in the face of climate change. Directed by Colin Arisman and Tyler Wilkinson-Ray Produced by Wild Confluence Media and … Read more


Euphoria Synopsis: A “frantic dance of euphoria and acceptance,” this hypnotic animated short explores the paradox between humanity and nature. Director: Katalin Egely Duration: 4 minutes Argentina WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Sponsored by

enRAPTORed: Munir and the Magic of Birds of Prey

enRAPTORed: Munir and the Magic of Birds of Prey Synopsis: enRAPTORed is the pilot episode for “Chronicles of the Curious”, a new, animated storytelling series that spotlights individuals who work or play in STEAM-related fields. This episode features Dr. Munir Virani in his trajectory from cricketer to raptor biologist, endeavoring to conserve vultures in India. … Read more

Don’t Feed the Coyotes

Don’t Feed the Coyotes Synopsis: ‘don’t feed the coyotes’ observes several years in the intertwined lives of San Francisco’s urban coyotes. The story centers around a three year-old coyote, fondly-named Scout, and her territorial challenger, the scientifically-dubbed 15F. Chronicling their lives through the two starkly different researchers observing them, it’s about humans, the natural world … Read more

Deveaux Bank: Reflections of a Cultural Ornithologist

Deveaux Bank: Reflections of a Cultural Ornithologist Synopsis: In May 2019, a biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources made a monumental discovery: 20,000 Whimbrel (a threatened and rapidly declining migratory shorebird) roosting together in a single flock on Deveaux Bank: a treeless sandbar 20 miles south of Charleston. This spectacle—a flock representing … Read more