Denizens of the Steep

Denizens of the Steep Synopsis: This story follows world-renowned skier Kim Havell as she explores and redefines what it means to be a backcountry skier. Having seen the backcountry skiing world evolve rapidly since she started, Kim knows the community faces an uncomfortable truth: as the popularity of outdoor recreation continues to explode, the conservation … Read more

Dance Macwebre

Dance Macwebre Synopsis: Dance of the Neoscona Crucifera (Spotted Orbweaver Spider). A short, kinetic peek into a spider-world drama. Director: Josh Wagner Duration: 3 minutes 30 seconds Unites States Ages 3+ WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Sponsored by

Cold Stun

Cold Stun Synopsis: On February 14, 2021, a winter storm hit Texas. Met with freezing temperatures combined with a disabled power grid, a small organization fought to save the lives of thousands of cold stunned sea turtles that would have otherwise frozen to death and drowned. With the help of a community of volunteers, Sea … Read more

Beavers: Nature’s Ecosystem Engineers

Beavers: Nature’s Ecosystem Engineers Synopsis: A watercolour illustrated stop-motion animation with basic facts about beavers, their keystone impacts and role in restoring UK rivers! Director: Lauren Cook Duration: 4 minutes 29 seconds Finalist Category: Short Short United Kingdom WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Ages 3+ Sponsored by

An Epic Journey

An Epic Journey Synopsis: With more than 100 recordings from more than 50 youth aged 3-19 from across the Skeena region, this animation tells the life cycle story of Skeena wild salmon in an ever changing climate as they swim through all kinds of dangers. Director: Facundo Gastiazoro Produced by Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition Duration: … Read more