Why Did the Mexican Jumping Bean Jump?

Why Did the Mexican Jumping Bean Jump? Synopsis: To find its place in the shade! Each hollowed-out seed is home to a head-banging moth larva, just trying to survive the harsh Sonoran Desert sun. Director: Mike Seely Producers: Mike Seely Duration: 4 minutes Finalist Categories: Short Short & Youth United States WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 … Read more

La Voz del Mar: Hope for Hawksbill Turtles

La Voz del Mar: Hope for Hawksbill Turtles Synopsis: Hawksbill turtles are critically endangered globally, and for many years it was believed they had disappeared from El Salvador. Today, grassroots conservation is delivering renewed hope for hawksbills. Each year, tens of thousands of hatchlings now begin their amazing life journey. http://wildlifefilms.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/02/722bf4ca-La_Voz_del_Mar_-_Trailer_-_Final-1.mp4 Directors: Jon Bougher Produced … Read more

Beavers: Nature’s Ecosystem Engineers

Beavers: Nature’s Ecosystem Engineers Synopsis: A watercolour illustrated stop-motion animation with basic facts about beavers, their keystone impacts and role in restoring UK rivers! http://wildlifefilms.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/02/74c36aad-beaver_teaser-1.mp4 Director: Lauren Cook Duration: 4 minutes 29 seconds Finalist Category: Short Short United Kingdom WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Ages 3+ Sponsored by