Yellowstone 88: Song of Fire

Yellowstone 88: Song of Fire Synopsis: In the summer of 1988 dry lightning sparked a fire in the parched landscape of Yellowstone Park, igniting a blaze that would scorch over 1.5 million perimeter acres of the park. The fire only ceased after an intense snowstorm. That winter surviving Fauna, exhausted from fire and weakened by … Read more

The New Urban Jungle

The New Urban Jungle Synopsis: A watercolour illustrated stop-frame animation outlining the plight of UK wildlife and some simple tips on how we can support it urban areas, and our local patch – whatever that may look like! From a garden to an old boot, anyone can help their local wildlife. Director: Lauren Cook Duration: … Read more


Hypnotise Synopsis: After 34 years serving in the Australian Navy, the ex-HMAS Brisbane was scuttled off the coast of Queensland in 2005. 17 years later, this epic 130 meter artificial reef is home to over 200 species of fish. Hypnotise captures the seemingly symbiotic relationship between the ship and the marine life that calls it … Read more

Hen Harrier: Skydance to Skydance

Hen Harrier: Skydance to Skydance Synopsis: A watercolour-illustrated stop-motion animation describing the lifecycle of the hen harrier and the threats to this beautiful bird of prey in the UK. Directors: Lauren Cook Duration: 2 minutes 24 seconds United Kingdom WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Sponsored by


Euphoria Synopsis: A “frantic dance of euphoria and acceptance,” this hypnotic animated short explores the paradox between humanity and nature. Director: Katalin Egely Duration: 4 minutes Argentina WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Sponsored by

enRAPTORed: Munir and the Magic of Birds of Prey

enRAPTORed: Munir and the Magic of Birds of Prey Synopsis: enRAPTORed is the pilot episode for “Chronicles of the Curious”, a new, animated storytelling series that spotlights individuals who work or play in STEAM-related fields. This episode features Dr. Munir Virani in his trajectory from cricketer to raptor biologist, endeavoring to conserve vultures in India. … Read more

Beavers: Nature’s Ecosystem Engineers

Beavers: Nature’s Ecosystem Engineers Synopsis: A watercolour illustrated stop-motion animation with basic facts about beavers, their keystone impacts and role in restoring UK rivers! Director: Lauren Cook Duration: 4 minutes 29 seconds Finalist Category: Short Short United Kingdom WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Ages 3+ Sponsored by

An Epic Journey

An Epic Journey Synopsis: With more than 100 recordings from more than 50 youth aged 3-19 from across the Skeena region, this animation tells the life cycle story of Skeena wild salmon in an ever changing climate as they swim through all kinds of dangers. Director: Facundo Gastiazoro Produced by Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition Duration: … Read more