A Song for Love- An Ape with an App

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Scattered in the spectacular Gaoligong Mountains on the China-Myanmar border lives a newly discovered species, the Skywalker Gibbon. When two Skywalker Gibbons hope to connect, but can't find each other over the vast terrain, an extreme solution is called for. An unlikely team--Beijing pop star Xingyu Lee and biologist Professor Fan--must jerry-rig a system of speakers and microphones to help these solitary apes make beautiful music together.

Available within the additional streaming library from April 18-25, accessible to Virtual Passholders.


  • Producers: Olivia Chan, Ding Quan, Mark Fletcher

  • Executive Producers: Sabine Holzer, Walter Kohler

  • Duration: 52min

  • Category: Wildlife Conservation


On Demand News link reporting a new species of Gibbon.

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