Every Little Thing

Bird in multicolored light image


In the heart of Hollywood, a woman embarks on a transformative journey as she tends to injured hummingbirds, unraveling a visually captivating tale of love, healing, and the delicate beauty found in tiny acts of charity. Every Little Thing is a film of joy and wonder that explores the meaning of caring for others and the profound impact that acts of altruism have on us. Viewers will be captivated by Terry Masear’s dedication to her tiny creatures and may find themselves inspired to extend care not only to hummingbirds but also to other vulnerable species.


Sunday 4/21 at 5:15pm

Tuesday 4/23 at 7:00pm

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Not available for virtual screening, playing only at the Roxy.


93 minutes

Director: Sally Aitken

Producers: Bettina Dalton, Anna Godas, Oli Harbottle

Language: English

Country of Origin: USA


Winner – Living with Wildlife