From Kurils with love

The expedition vessel Afina 
Second row: the captain of the Afina, Eugene Kaspersky, Povel Torudd, Olga Rumyantseva, Rishi Sugla, Ryan Hill, Jeffrey Kerby
First row: Alejandro Arango, Sebastian Andrei, Chris Burkard, Taylor Rees, Renan Ozturk

Vladimir, a scrappy Russian marine biologist, stows away aboard a boat filled with adventure junkies and a world-renowned cyber security expert to help fulfill his quest to understand and protect the Kuril Islands. Set in one of the most inaccessible volcanic island chains in the world, the film introduces us to a true warrior for the planet on an intimate journey of visual bliss, sea lion chaos, and ultimately a greater hope for the Earth.


  • Director: Taylor Rees

  • Producer: Taylor Rees, Povel Torudd

  • Duration: 24min 20sec

  • Category: Short


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