Into the Puma Triangle

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Casey Anderson, a Montana native wildlife expert works with filmmaker René Araneda to capture the wild pumas of Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. Together, they have filmed things seen nowhere else in the world, and discovered images which will unlock the mystery of the puma’s true nature.

  • Director: René Araneda

  • Editor & Producers: Justin Lubke and René Araneda

  • Producer: Deny Staggs

  • Duration: 51min

  • Category: 2021 Selection

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In this conversation, Justin Lubke, Casey Anderson, and Deny Staggs of Vision Hawk Films share their magical experience of filming Into the Puma Triangle in Chile, discussing how that environment compares to their stomping ground of Montana. Moderated by IWFF Artistic Director, Carrie Richer.