Joko & Putra

People stand on a beach full of trash looking at boats in water


In a small fishing village of Indonesia, Joko (47), a veteran fisherman, is struggling to catch fishes. The contamination for the industrial activities and the plastic pollution on the coastal area, have contributed to reduce the fish population and have made difficult the fishermen’s job. Joko’s son, Putra (17), is constantly connected to his phone. He has decided to study to become a mechanical engineer. With this decision, the family fishing tradition will definitively get lost.


Part of Sustainable Futures Shorts Block

Saturday 4/20 at 2:00pm

Tuesday 4/23 at 7:45pm

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15 minutes

Director: Jeissy Trompiz

Producers: Teresa Labonia, Jeissy Trompiz, Sofia Marco

Language: Indonesian (subtitled)

Country of Origin: Italy



Sustainable Planet