life and death in paradise - after the flood

Photo 8 Vieraugenfisch

The Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago are astonishingly biodiverse. Ocelots and tayras top the food chain. Trinidad’s capuchin monkeys crack snail shells on mangrove branches. Nocturnal oilbirds nest in dark caves, using echolocation to get around. Along the coastline of Tobago, frigate birds harass tropic birds to steal their haul of fish. And in the depth of night, giant leatherback turtles dig their nests on Tobago’s beaches, filmed with new light-sensitive cameras that turn night into day.

Not a part of the 2020 Virtual festival, will be scheduled for future IWFF Presents 2020 monthly screenings at The Roxy Theater.

  • Director: Marion Pöllmann

  • Producer: Marion Pöllmann

  • Duration: 52min

  • Category: 2020 Selection