lost cities


Lost Cities is an interactive film that reveals the incredible hidden world of corals. With its unique layout, non-linear narrative, and evocative design, Lost Cities imparts crucial information about the crisis corals face globally while pushing the boundaries of the traditional nature documentary. The experience is anchored by an expressive soundscape and narration by the late Dr. Ruth Gates, a visionary coral biologist. By exploring what lies beneath the surface, Lost Cities brings to light the surprising way the lives of corals are interwoven with our own.

Accessible for free April 18-25.


  • Directors: Marita Davison, Jennifer Moslemi, Ruth Gates

  • Producers: Maria Davison, Jennifer Moslemi

  • Category: New Vision


Livestream Q&A all about coral with IWFF outreach coordinator, PhD student (go Grizz) & science communicator Brit Garner, Nature League. Monday, April 20 at 7pm MST. Attend Livestream Now.

Staff Recommendation:
From directors, Marita Davison and Jennifer Moslemi of CaravanLab comes Lost Cities, a visionary experience of coral reef in the form of 13 short interactive and participatory web-based documentaries. A hypnotic experience revealing the hidden world of corals and the connections to human nature.  

Laura Lovo, Membership Coordinator