Metropolis – A Day in Reef City

Orange fish with mouth open


Discover the hidden wonders of Reef City in “Metropolis,” a mesmerizing short film by Luca Keller that takes you into the heart of a coral reef’s daily life, showcasing intimate and illuminating wildlife scenes.

From the morning rituals of the Emperor Angelfish to the nocturnal hunts of the Wunderpus, witness and learn about the intricate balance of marine life.
“Metropolis” is a vivid reminder of our role in preserving this underwater world, a captivating journey into the depths of the ocean’s most vibrant ecosystem.


Part of Ocean Tales Feature + Shorts Block

Sunday 4/21 at 2:30pm

Tuesday 4/23 at 5:00pm

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15 minutes

Director: Luca Keller

Producer: Luca Keller

Language: English Open Captioning symbol

Country of Origin: Germany


Youth Program

Animal Behavior