Planet Shark Series

Shark swimming towards camera


Sharks are one of the oldest and most successful hunters ever to have lived. With more than 500 shark species, they dominate every corner of our oceans; from the tropics to the poles, the open ocean to the deep. What is it about these extraordinary survivors that makes them so successful? For the first time, scientists are starting to unlock their secrets. Featuring newly discovered species, locations and behaviour, PLANET SHARK combines stunning 4K archive footage with original content from the world’s leading shark scientists to take a timely and in depth look at the greatest predator on earth. “In the last ten years, new tracking & filming technology has allowed us to get closer to sharks than ever before, transforming our understanding of how these animals live & how they’ve come to dominate our oceans.” – Greg Skomal, Shark Scientist Beautiful, awe-inspiring and revelatory, you’ll never look at sharks in the same light again.


Sunday 4/21 at 12:30pm

Monday 4/22 at 7:30pm

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92 minutes

Director: Mark Woodward

Producers: Emma Ross, Sarah Cunliffe

Language: English

Country of Origin: UK






Wildlife Conservation