Rewilding Honeybees

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Honeybees, who are essential for agricultural success, are in dire need of new living conditions. Beekeepers lose 40 to 50 percent of their colonies each year, but this is not the case in the wild, where bees exist in healthier, happier conditions. Conservationist Michael Thiele is “re-wilding” honeybees — introducing swarms to habitats more conducive to the instinctive preferences that allow them to thrive.

Included in the 2021 touring collection.


  • Director & Producer: Cameron Nielsen

  • Producers: Lauren Weisler, Marina Dodis

  • Duration: 9min 14sec

  • Category: Short

Ages 8 +

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Join us for a conversation focused on bees--bees in Montana, honeybees, and the threats to bees in our world today. Dr. Thomas Seeley, Professor in Biology Cornell, Loren Storm (a local beekeeper), Glen Marangelo of the Missoula Butterfly House & Insectarium, and Naomi Alhadeff, Senior Coordinator for Montana Education at National Wildlife Federation plunge for a fascinating discussion about all things bees. This session is presented in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation. Moderated by IWFF Artistic Director, Carrie Richer.