Stormborn: Out of the Darkness



To be born to the north is to be born to the storm. Journey to the northernmost edge of the Atlantic to a land of rough seas, wild gales, and formidable odds. A single Arctic fox scurries across the mountains. He’s on a mission to reunite with his mate from last year, but has she survived the harsh Icelandic winter? All he can do is wait. Ewan McGregor narrates a dramatic trilogy featuring the epic struggles of the animals of the North.

  • Directors: Jackie Savery

  • Producers: Jackie Savery, Nigel Pope

  • Produced for Love Nature, in association Smithsonian, BBC Scotland, Arte and Screen Scotland and distributed by Blue Ant Media.

  • Duration: 58 minutes

  • Finalist Category: Series

  • United Kingdom

Sponsored by

Rangitsch Brothers