Stuffed is all about the surprising, unusual world of taxidermy. Through the eyes and hands of renowned artists across the world, the film allows the audience to dip into and explore this diverse subculture, where sculptors must also be scientists. It is an artistic medium formed by a collection of people who have a fanaticism for nature matched only by their desire to protect it. In an unexpected twist, Stuffed argues for the importance of preserving nature, using taxidermy as its unlikely vehicle, and the taxidermist as its wild driver.

Accessible through AmazonPrime, view in the spirit of IWFF April 18-25.

  • Director: Erin Derham

  • Producers: Kaleena Kiff, Rachel Price, Holly Brydson, Alexander Behse, Galen Fletcher

  • Duration: 1hr 24sec

  • Category: Feature


Extras include a film review on Missoula Tempo by Sarah Aswell on Stuffed.

Read about the history of museum taxidermy.