The Bastard King



The Bastard King was shot over ten years in remote areas of Africa, telling the story of a lion cub born with heterochromia - one eye yellow, the other blue – the result of a taboo union between the Blue-Eyed and Yellow-Eyed prides. Outcast and hunted by the merciless Scarred King who butchers his siblings, the Bastard Cub and his mother flee. Every hunt becomes a lesson in survival, preparing the lion cub for his future. Buckle up, this violent and stunning films is unlike any other wildlife film you've ever seen. 

  • Directors: Owen Pruemm

  • Producers: Walter Koehler, Alexandre Soullier, Owen Pruemm

  • A Terra Mater Factual Studios & Bonne Pioche Télévision & Shibumi Films Coproduction

  • Duration: 88 minutes

  • Austria

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