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Bighorn sheep, an icon of the American West, battle to survive as contact with infectious diseases carried by domestic sheep threaten these wild herds. The respiratory pathogen mycoplasma ovipneumoniae (M.ovi), while benign in their domestic sheep hosts, can present deadly complications for bighorn sheep and often leads to widespread pneumonia outbreaks and significant die-offs. Domestic sheep grazing on public land was an integral part of settling the western United States. However, as conservation efforts ramp to rebound bighorn populations, the wool industry, scientific community, and wildlife advocates are at a crossroads. Wild and Wool documents a year-long look at a dedicated research team racing to understand the complexities and challenges of M.ovi before the next outbreak devastates the charismatic species.

Accessible for free April 18-25.

  • Director: Philip Baribeau

  • Producer: Frankie Pirolo Foss

  • Duration:23min 29sec

  • Category: 2020 Selection


Watch a video on Montana Bighorn Sheep Disease and Conservation in Action with Randy Newberg. Watch Now. Read about North Dakota Bighorn Sheep Disease.

For more information on how to see Wild & Wool visit http://www.wildsheepfoundation.org/blog/wild-wool-trailer.

Creature Feature: Bighorn Sheep