Fight or flight icon, meaning that this film is part of the fight or flight category.

For our 46th year, the IWFF explores the theme of Fight or Flight. This year’s theme refers to the physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat. The 2023 selections celebrate stories illustrative of all that it takes to survive. Fight or flight actions exist on a spectrum and can refer to the action of flying toward safety, freezing, fleeing, or perhaps a collective reaction to fight for the survival of an animal, on a more abstract level.

We look forward to sharing heartfelt stories reflective of the instinct to survive on our screens as well as behind the camera. Stay tuned for our schedule of events and screenings!

The International Wildlife Film Festival and the Roxy Theater gratefully acknowledges that we rest on the traditional lands of the Salish people where they make their home, speak the Salish language, and steward the land.