2015 Open Call

A herd of zebra stampedes along the Boteti River.

IWFF is now accepting submissions for the 2015 festival, happening in Missoula, Montana April 18-25 at the historic Roxy Theater.

Now in its 38th year, the week-long event will feature new and exciting films, special guests, workshops, seminars, field trips, technology sessions, product demos, parties and dynamic networking events. With 6000 annual attendants, IWFF engages Missoula’s progressive community with dozens of screenings and the annual WildWalk Parade and Wild Fest family event.

A filmmakers’ festival, IWFF focuses on films and filmmakers, and celebrates emerging filmmakers and the future of wildlife & environmental media. Our expanded programming welcomes all films about the natural world, from environmental and conservation films, to issue driven explorations of earth and its inhabitants.

With twelve categories to choose from (listed below), online submission is available via Withoutabox and Submittable.

  • Regular Deadline: January 9
  • Late Deadline: January 23

Submit online via Withoutabox or Submittable.  Links, rules and guidelines below.


Entry Categories

Theatrical Feature
Films over 51 minutes produced for the purpose of being exhibited in a theatrical setting.

Broadcast Feature
A television program produced specifically for broadcast on commercial or public television or Internet. Program can be one-off production or part of an ongoing television series. 

Broadcast Series
Up to two episodes which represent a Limited Television Series. These programs constitute a single entry. Please submit no more than two hours total running time.

Programs made by an independent producer or production house – not by or on contract to any major broadcaster.

Short Film 
Films designed for exhibition in a theatrical setting, Television or Internet broadcast, that run less than 50 minutes in length.

Programs produced by a person or team newly established as a producer in the professional film or television field and no longer considered amateur. This category will accept films made with support from a major broadcaster.

Programs produced by a student while attending an accredited university. A copy of the filmmaker’s student ID and at least one faculty reference must be provided. Films in this category should operate with the festival mission an/or primary categories.

Environmental relates to people & cultures, the habitat or the environment where humans co-exist with wildlife; it’s also about where we live, work and interface with wildlife and the broader environment.

Conservation relates to any program that features or emphasizes wildlife conservation. What are we doing, what is happening, how is the future of a species or group of species being impacted or being saved? The program entered must have a clear and well-defined wildlife conservation message.

Human-Wildlife Interactions
Programs that emphasizes social, cultural, economic or spiritual aspects of people and their relationship with wildlife.

Children & Young Adults
Programs produced specifically for broadcast to a youth audience. Information and presentation should be based on a young person’s comprehension level. This category accepts programs designed to inform about non-domesticated species, but may use tame or captive animals.

Government Agency 
Programs produced by any government agency to educate or inform the public or a special audience on a particular wildlife issue, topic or species.

Entry fees vary by category and deadline.  Please visit withoutabox.com or submittable.com for more information and a complete list of rules and guidelines.

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