What’s Happening in the Wild – April 23, 2016

Congratulations to the IWFF 39 award winning films

We are pleased to announce the Award Winners for the 2016 International Wildlife FIlm Festival. The 2016 IWFF Awards took place on Friday, April 22 at  Missoula’s Wilma Theater. Some of the award-winning films will re-screen tonight in special screening blocks at 5, 6, 7 and 8:00pm

Islands Of Creation
Nathan DappenStudent
Medieval Monsters
Oliver MuellerIndependent
Moose: A Year in The Life of a Twig Eater
Susan FlemingTheatrical Feature
The Messenger
Su Rynard

Broadcast Feature
Oliver Goetzl

Broadcast Series
Animal Homes
Ann Johnson Prum

Human Wildlife Interaction
Muerte Es Vida (Death Is Life)
Ali Alvarez

Unnatural Selection
Steve Nicholls & Sarah WhalleyConservation
Red Wolf Revival
Roshan PatelChildren & Young Adults
A Life In A Day
L. Collin ScottCinematography
Soul Of The Elephant
Dereck Joubert

Gardeners of Forest
Ceylan Carhoglu

Best Short
Red Wolf Revival
Roshan Patel

Best of Fest
The Messenger
Su Rynard

Tonight we will be rescreening some of the award winners. You can buy tickets at The Roxy Theater or online here.
Award Winning Films Screenings

Yellowstone – 55 min. (Broadcast Feature)
Moose: A Year In The Life Of Twig Eater – 60 min. (Independent)

Medieval Monsters 10 min. (Student)
Gardeners Of The Forest  15min. (Best Editing)
Soul Of The Elephant 53 min. (Best Cinematography)

7:00 pm
Red Wolf Revival – 15 min. (Best Short & Conservation)
The Messenger – 90 min (Best of Fest & Theatrical Feature)

How To Let Go Of The World – 126 min. (Encore Presentation)

Showing Today

11:00 am: Living with Carnivores & Nile – The Ultimate River
11:15 am: Living With Coyote & Wild Canada: The Eternal Frontier
11:30 am: Joe & Brazil – A Natural History
12:45 pm: Salmon Heart of the Forest & The Sagebrush Sea
1:00 pm: Ulin & Unnatural Selection
1:15 pm: The Wolf OR-7 Expedition
2:30 pm: Medieval Monsters & Planet Parrot
3:00 pm: A Life in the Day & EO Wilson: Of Ants and Men
3:30 pm: Power of Nature: Elephants & Making an Ancient Forest
5:00, 6:00. 7:00 & 8:00 pm: Awards Screenings (see listings above)
5:30 & 7:30 pm: Racing Extinction & Power of Nature: Wolves

Living with Carnivores: Boneyards, Bears and Wolves
A documentary film about living with large carnivores. The story begins a decade ago in western Montana’s Blackfoot River Valley and explores how a rural agricultural community responded to the resurgence of grizzly bears and wolves. The film explores the thoughtful “can do” approach of Montana ranchers who realized that the age old practice of dumping dead livestock onto “boneyards” was destined to spell trouble by attracting grizzly bears and wolves onto ranches resulting in poor outcomes for wildlife and ranchers. Buy Tickets

Nile – The Ultimate River – Ep. 1: Mountains of the Moon
In the Rwenzori mountains, the wide source area of the Nile contains a spectacular feature. One snow-covered peak reaches 5000 metres (5500 yards) above sea level. Underneath its glacier, a fairy-tale forest expands, covered with Giant Lobelia and Aster plants. In this damp and cold world, the stunningly beautiful Lobelia Scarlet-tufted Malachite Sunbird lives its life. Buy Tickets

Living With Coyote
Coyotes can quickly adapt to their ever-changing surroundings, but have humans adapted to their wild neighbors? Living With Coyote explores the relationship between man and wild through urban and rural landscapes of the American West and the people who choose to be actively involved in the hunt for coexistence. Buy Tickets

Wild Canada – Ep. 1: The Eternal Frontier
In 1497, the Italian navigator and explorer Giovanni Caboto – maybe better known under his English name John Cabot – was attempting to find a new trade route to China. Instead, he and his companions arrived at the east coast of North America – and became the first Europeans since the Vikings to lay claim to this ‘New found land’. Buy Tickets

Joe Riis has the job that every child in the world dreams of: He is a celebrated National Geographic wildlife photographer. He spends his life embarking on adventures to the wildest places on Earth, often for months on end, to observe and photograph animals for National Geographic Magazine. He seemingly has the picture perfect life. Or does he? Buy Tickets

Brazil: A Natural History
This enigmatic forest once stretched along the coast for thousands of kilometres. Now there is only 7% left. Yet it is still home for many remarkable animals. Muriqui are the largest monkeys in South America. These very rare, highly social creatures greet each other with hugs – the closer the friendship, the more intense the hugs.  Buy Tickets

POWER OF NATURE: Salmon-Heart of the Forest
The Great Bear Rainforest on Canada’s Pacific Coast is the largest temperate rainforest left on Earth. Not only do these immense tracts of woodland purify our water, the ancient trees are also a valuable carbon store, helping offset the effects of climate change. Yet this forest owes its existence to an ocean-dweller – the Pacific Salmon. Buy Tickets

The Sagebrush Sea
One of the most overlooked ecosystems on the continent consists of a massive sea of sagebrush that stretches across 11 states in the American West. This spartan yet spectacular landscape supports more than 170 species of birds and mammals, including deer, eagles, hawks, prairie dogs, cranes, songbirds, badgers and rabbits . Buy Tickets

Over the past half century, the ancient lowland forests of Borneo have been destroyed at an unprecedented rate. One indigenous Dayak community has clung on to an incredible hotspot of biodiversity – a bastion of endangered ulin trees – solely, it believes, by the power of a curse. Buy Tickets

Unnatural Selection
The wings of cliff swallows in Nebraska are getting shorter while turtles in Chesapeake Bay are getting larger. On the Galapagos Islands, different species are collapsing back into one. What has happened to evolution? The answer is very simple: us. Humans have transformed the planet beyond recognition – turning grasslands and forests into fields and cities and polluting air and water. And all of these changes have altered the course of evolution, often in surprising ways. Buy Tickets

The Wolf OR-7 Expedition
The Wolf OR-7 Expedition retraced the approximate track generated by the GPS collar worn by the Oregon wolf known as Wolf OR-7. This young male grey wolf traversed over 1,200 miles through Oregon and into California, to become the first and only documented free-roaming wolf in California in nearly 90 years, and he is still out there. Buy Tickets

Medieval Monsters
The New Forest of England is an ancient world full of medieval monsters – dueling dragonflies, acid-firing ants and jousting stag beetles. Macro, slow-motion and time-lapse techniques were combined with custom-built equipment to reveal these astonishing lives. Buy Tickets

Planet Parrot
Raucous, colourful and often thousands of miles from their natural home, parrots are conquering cities around the world. They are also one of the most endangered families of birds. This colourful and entertaining film considers how and why parrots are thriving in human habitats while at the same time struggling in the wild. Buy Tickets

A Life in A Day
The life of a mayfly is an allegory of our own — you’re born, you struggle, mate, reproduce, and die — except it all happens over the course of a single day. A LIFE IN THE DAY is a four-minute animated short that reminds us that life is brief, beautiful, and meant to be enjoyed. Buy Tickets

EO Wilson: Of Ants and Men
EO Wilson: Of Ants and Men examines the remarkable life and career in science of famed Harvard biologist EO Wilson. Buy Tickets

Power of Nature: Elephants
Elephants play a crucial role in the forests of central Africa. They are expert gardeners, spreading more seeds further than any other animal. Some seeds are so big that only elephants can swallow them, and some only germinate if they have been through an elephant. So forests need elephants in order to stay healthy, productive and diverse. Buy Tickets

Making an Ancient Forest – Kalkalpen National Park
Unmanaged for over a quarter century, the forests of the Kalkalpen National Park (Austria) have relied on natural dynamics that are far more intricate and ingenious than previously imagined, luring even the lynx to return home after 115 years of absence. Buy Tickets

Racing Extinction & The Power of Nature: Wolves
A documentary that follows undercover activists trying to stave off a man-made mass extinction. Plus the short film, Power of Nature: Wolves. Buy Tickets

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