Filmmaker Labs


IWFF LABS will be held April 2019 in Missoula, Montana.



“This workshop will change the way you think about science, how you visualize the world around you, and will allow you to see stories when before you only saw facts!”

“You will be inspired, meet amazing people and be challenged to learn and produce good work.”

“This was an amazing experience, and I am so grateful to be part of this special group of highly talented people.”

“This workshop has seriously changed my life!”


IWFF LABS is an immersive cross-disciplinary science filmmaking workshop between scientists & media makers.

Advance ideas, tools & working methods that address pressing environmental issues through media.

Learn from industry professionals, documentary filmmakers, biologists, ecologists as well as poets, digital storytellers & other bold thinkers.

IWFF LABS was created for filmmakers & scientists to:

1) Gain intensive hands-on filmmaking experience

2) Learn the science of science communication

3) Get a crash course with pro-grade filmmaking gear

4) Expand professional networks with peers and industry professionals


SCIENTISTS (including graduate students, postdocs, professors, and government researchers), especially those focused on ecology, evolution, biology, wildlife science, and conservation who are interested in science communication using visual media, and want to expand their media making skills or find a filmmaker partner.

PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATORS in the science or conservation community, including university PIOs, media specialists at NGOs, environmental journalists, and others who have an interest in expanding their science, wildlife, and conservation filmmaking toolkit through collaborations with filmmakers and scientists.

GRADUATE FILMMAKING STUDENTS AND INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS who want to become science and wildlife filmmakers. These applicants need not have advanced skills with filmmaking equipment, but be must be interested in opportunities to work with scientists and on science/ conservation stories.

IWFF LABS will accept up to 16 students into this highly competitive program.

IWFF LABS is tuition free. Food and Lodging Provided. Scholarships for travel funds will be available.

IWFF LABS participants will receive an All-Access pass to IWFF 2019.


The day is filled with intense, hands-on workshops taught by experts using top flight equipment.

At night students and the public will be invited to listen to fireside chats from all-star world experts IWFF 2018 Retrospective Artist Bob Landis and PBS Nature’s Janet Hess.

Students will use skills learned in the workshops to make a mini documentary.

At  IWFF LABS students are paired with a local conservation or nature organization. During the course of the week students will make a mini-documentary about the issues the local organization is trying to solve. Those issues include land conservation, defending wildlife, nature preservation, etc.


Award-winning wildlife filmmakers NATHAN DAPPEN and NEIL LOSIN are key instructors for IWFF LABS.  They will lead the group through the workshops and facilitate the creation of the mini docs.

Nathan and Neil have experience facilitating workshops at events such as Science Media Awards & Summit In The Hub (SMASH) and immersive graduate field courses in Costa Rica through the Organization for Tropical Studies.

They are both Fellow National members of the Explorers Club and come from a strong background in biology and ecology.


IWFF LABS will take place at the University of Montana, the Roxy Theater and other locations in and around Missoula Montana, April 2019.