Marine Preserve Feature + Shorts

Marine Preserve Feature + Shorts

April 20, 2024

If You Give a Beach a Bottle

Inspired by a picture book, Max Romey heads to a remote beach on Alaska's coastline in search of marine debris. What he finds is a different story altogether.

Washed Ashore

An international team of marine biologists investigates the mysterious and sudden die-off of the Pacific gray whale since 2019. With every passing month, more whales are washing ashore on their migration from Mexico to Alaska. Determined to find a cause, this team of scientists is racing against the clock.

Warning: Depiction/Discussion of dead animals.


In the deep waters of the Mediterranean hides an animal of extraordinary dimensions. The second-largest living creature on the planet found refuge in these waters long ago. It is a pillar of the ecosystem, a symbol of the richness of our world. Come aboard WWF's iconic sailing boat, the Blue Panda, and sail to the Pelagos sanctuary alongside Denis Ody and his teams, where you'll meet the fin whale.

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