Reviving the Wild Feature + Short

Reviving the Wild Feature + Short

April 24, 2024

Rebirth Of The Range

Rebirth of the Range tells the story of the return of the Bison Range Park in Montana to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe -- on whose stolen land the park had originally been created under President Theodore Roosevelt. An inspirational and visually stunning social justice story, this documentary holds important lessons for both indigenous and non-indigenous viewers.

The Return of Nóouhàh-Toka’na (Swift Fox)

Nóouhàh-Toka’na, known as swift fox in English, once roamed the North American Great Plains. Nóouhàh-Toka’na held cultural significance for the Native Americans who lived alongside them. But predator control programs in the mid-1900s reduced the foxes to just 10 percent of their native range. At the Fort Belknap Indian Community in Montana, members of the Aaniiih and Nakoda tribes are working with the Smithsonian and other conservation partners to return Nóouhàh-Toka’na to the land.

Q&A after film screenings with Roshan Patel, Kira Kay and Jason Maloney.

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