Safeguarding Nature Shorts Block

Safeguarding Nature Shorts Block

April 20, 2024

Grasping The Nettle

Nettles sting our bare legs, invade our gardens, and swamp our footpaths. Yet for filmmaker Mairi Eyres, there is something about this plant that captures her imagination. She embarks on a journey to learn more, meeting people who can show her a different side to the nettle. With beautiful imagery and touching characters, this film is a call to examine the way we view nature, and to appreciate the wonders right on our doorstep.

Faces of The Cloud Forest

In the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest of Uganda, growing conflict with people puts the local population of mountain gorillas at risk. In her struggle to protect them, one veterinarian discovers that it is the many similarities between the two communities that threaten to destroy them both.

Jaguar De Cielo

Jaguar Del Cielo follows field tech Felix Tafoya’s journey to better understand and conserve Mexico’s apex predator in the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve. By catching jaguars and fitting them with GPS collars, Felix and his co-workers can track the movement of jaguars and get insights into their mysterious lives. The information collected from the collars is crucial to better understand the species and to mitigate conflicts with humans.

Song of the Prairie: Restoring a Home on the Range for the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken

The coastal prairies of Texas once spanned more than 6 million acres, but today less than one percent of this habitat remains. Such a significant loss has devastated many wildlife populations, including the critically endangered Attwater’s prairie chicken (APC). The good news: after years of protection and conservation efforts, the APC population is higher than it has been in decades.

Under the Wire

Pronghorn make their home in the vast sagebrush sea of the American West, where their survival relies on the ability to roam freely. The rangelands in the North Platte River Valley make ideal habitat for pronghorn, however, the miles of fences used to keep cattle in pastures are often barriers to their movements. This is a story about a community of people working together to improve fence lines, so pronghorn can move freely. It also celebrates the wildlife that call the North Platte River Valley home.

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