Wild Wonders Shorts Block

Wild Wonders Shorts Block

April 22, 2024

Otters of Yellowstone

A short film showcasing the beauty of river otters and how they thrive during the harsh winter season in Yellowstone National Park.

Q&A after the screenings with Joshua Bruni

Flora, Fauna, Funga

This film follows mycologist Giuliana Furci’s search for new mushrooms on the island of Tierra del Fuego. She’s joined by the Society for the Protection of Underground Networks, whose goal is to map the mycorrhizal networks of the world. Together, these scientists illuminate how—through nutrient cycling and the essential relationships they form with plants—fungi underpin every ecosystem on Earth.

The Bee

The Bee highlights Bill Perkins, a beekeeper in Boston who shares his knowledge and love of bees with his community, sometimes riding through a busy city with 10,000 bees on the back of his bike so he can show them to second graders who are learning about pollination.

The Rock Pool Waltz

During COVID lockdown, a boy’s affinity with nature eases his loneliness and leads to an incredible friendship.

JoJo - A Toad Musical

JoJo is a musical portrait of JoJo Nyaribo, a young wildlife advocate, as he explores the meaning of biodiversity and stewardship in his own backyard. This story weaves JoJo's love for the natural world with his struggle against a fungus that has been wiping out a staggering number of amphibians around the globe. JoJo will explore his role in preventing the spread of this fungus through tasks as simple as cleaning his hiking shoes and educating his friends and family.


Ecologist Amaël Borzée has dedicated five years to understanding and preserving the legacy of Chinese immaculate treefrogs, an amphibian species on the brink of extinction. Amaël’s path crosses with Ningjing Wang, a local filmmaker whose love for frogs traces back to her childhood. United by a hope to save the immaculate treefrogs, they embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of rural China.


Every summer, Birta and Selma rescue pufflings (young puffins) at night on an island off the coast of Iceland. The pufflings leave their nests for the first time, following the light of the moon to make their journey out to sea and transition into adulthood. Unfortunately, the pufflings get lost in town, mistaking harbor lights for the moon. Birta and Selma must take it upon themselves to counteract the human impact on nature, exchanging night-time parties for puffin patrol.

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