Allison Barrett

Allison Barrett is an independent filmmaker and commercial fisher with a passion for conservation storytelling and creating compelling narratives that help the broader public connect to intricate information.  She is the director of Sisters and Rivers, a documentary film about gold mining in Northwest BC and the impacts of that industry on the essential salmon … Read more

Teagan Hayes

Teagan has undergraduate degrees in zoology and geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The high, wide, and handsome west stole her heart during a bicycle trip from the Yukon Territory to Yellowstone National Park. Since then, Teagan has worked on research projects involving muskoxen, deer, elk, birds, bees, beetles, and bats. She will complete a … Read more

Sander van Iersel

With both a background in Biology & Media Production Sander produces science communication campaigns directly with research groups. In his work, he tries to create a dialogue between the sciences, those who put research results to work and broader audiences. He has worked on projects for Howard Hughes Medical Institute (BioInteractive), The Dutch National Science … Read more

Fiona Tande

I’ve worked in conservation science work for several years but I’ve always been drawn to film and storytelling. As a Kenyan specifically of Maasai heritage, I know the importance of telling authentic stories that truly depict not only the plight of wildlife but the communities that live in and around the natural world. I want … Read more

Sean Hanley

Sean Hanley is a non-fiction filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. His short experimental films navigate the construction of Nature through studies of landscape, place-making, and ecological management. As a cinematographer, his work has screened at the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the National Gallery of Art, and the Brandywine River … Read more

Cath Spangler

Cath Spangler is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with a background in journalism. She began her career as a staff journalist at The New York Times, where she worked on two Pulitzer Prize-winning portfolios. More recently, she built The New Yorker’s video department and led series production at The Atlantic. Cath was a Roy H. Park … Read more

Gregory Nickerson

Greg is a filmmaker and writer for the Wyoming Migration Initiative at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. He is a public educator about migration research, with a focus on the stories surrounding wildlife migration. Originally from Big Horn, Wyoming, he has worked as a hunting guide, a statehouse reporter for, and was part … Read more

Pooja Gupta

Pooja is a multimedia science communicator, from Hyderabad, India with a special interest in ecology and wildlife conservation. Her skills in design thinking combined with a hands-on approach to environmental communications has taken her across the world to work on a wide spectrum of projects. She collaborates with a range of experts such as field … Read more

Byron J. Pace

My greatest drive is to tell the stories of the coexistence between wildlife and people. I believe in blending cinema with great storytelling to present an unfiltered truth to the world which can help us understand how to create a better planet for all.

Carly Vester

Carly is a science communicator from western Washington with a passion for filmmaking and marine ecosystems. If it swims, drifts, or dives, chances are she’s tried to take its picture! An overall lover of the outdoors, she believes understanding our connection to the environment is the first step to reducing our impact on it. Her … Read more