A Song for Love – An Ape with an App

A Song for Love- An Ape with an App Synopsis: Scattered in the spectacular Gaoligong Mountains on the China-Myanmar border lives a newly discovered species, the Skywalker Gibbon. When two Skywalker Gibbons hope to connect, but can’t find each other over the vast terrain, an extreme solution is called for. An unlikely team–Beijing pop star … Read more

Bare Existence

Bare Existence Synopsis: Bare Existence gives a behind the scenes look into the plight of the polar bear and the biologists on the front lines of protecting these species as they battle against the effects of climate change threatening their existence. This film presents a drastic cry for immediate attention and instills our viewer with … Read more

Hunting the Helmeted Hornbill

Hunting the Helmeted Hornbill Synopsis: The helmeted hornbills of Southeast Asia’s rainforests are frequently poached for their casques, which, like elephant ivory, are carved into luxury objects. But these birds are treasures of avian biology–dedicated mates which risk their lives to raise their young. Conservationist Yoki Hadiprakarsa and photographer Tim Laman are on a mission … Read more


#NatureNow Synopsis: #NatureNow is a personal and passionate call to arms from Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot to use nature to heal our broken climate. Made with no flights, recycled footage, and zero net carbon. Given away for free. Viewed over 54 Million times. Screening during a special online featured event on April 22, (Earth … Read more

Our Planet – One Planet

Our Planet: One Planet Synopsis: One Planet is an intimate portrait which explores the most important habitats across the globe and the fragile connections between them. It reveals how the astonishing diversity of life on Earth relies on an intricate web of systems and the vital role this web plays in maintaining a healthy planet. … Read more

The Story of Plastic

The Story of Plastic Synopsis: Depicting a world rapidly becoming overrun with toxic material, The Story of Plastic brings into focus an alarming man-made crisis. Striking footage, original animations, and archival material combine in this timely documentary to reveal the disastrous impact of the continued manufacture and use of plastics, shedding new light on a … Read more

A Walk Through The Land of A Thousand Hills.

A Walk Through the Land of A Thousand Hills Synopsis: Claver Ntoyinkima, a Rwandan park ranger, shares the secrets of Nyungwe National Park. Containing almost 300 bird species, over 1,000 plant species, and dozens of large and small mammals, Nyungwe is one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Twenty-five years after the horrific … Read more

Capuchin Culture

Capuchin Culture Synopsis: An intimate portrait of a family of capuchin monkeys living in the harsh, semi-arid forest of north-eastern Brazil. These monkeys must rely on all their ingenuity and remarkable skills to survive here. If they want to become independent, youngsters must inherit the strategies of their group: hunting, finding water, digging to extract … Read more

The Birds of Play

The birds of Play Synopsis: Kea, native mountain-dwelling parrots of New Zealand, are known for their mischievous and playful behavior. But they are far more than meets the eye. Research into their minds has proven them to be amazing problem-solvers. What makes them so intelligent? Accessible for free April 18-25. FINALIST Director: Upamanyu Das Producer: … Read more

Detroit Hives

Detroit Hives Synopsis: Detroit Hives follows Tim Paule and Nicole Lindsey, a young couple from East Detroit who are working to bring diversity to the field of beekeeping while creating opportunities for young Detroit natives. It is estimated that Detroit has well over 90,000 empty housing units. In an effort to address this issue, Tim … Read more