From the Mountains to the Ocean: Turtles of Alabama

From the Mountains to the Ocean: Turtles of Alabama Synopsis: Alabama is a global hotspot for turtle diversity and the perfect playground for turtle scientists. The variety of microhabitats traversing the state create conditions for turtle diversity unmatched anywhere else on the planet. This film explores the “glamorous life of turtles” in Alabama — from … Read more

Wild Tokyo

Wild Tokyo Synopsis: It may be the largest and most densely populated city on Earth, but Tokyo’s 14 million human residents share their home with an astonishing array of wildlife. From jewel beetles and goshawks in the city’s shrines to the forests of Okutama where bears, monkeys and tanuki feast, this film reveals the power … Read more

Corona – The Pandemic and the Pangolin

Corona – The Pandemic and the Pangolin Synopsis: Conservation icon Jane Goodall, controversial marine activist Paul Watson, author David Quammen, and a host of other experts present their perspectives on diseases that make the leap from animals to humans: our worst nightmare come true. How did the illegal trade on the endangered and beautiful pangolin … Read more

Snow Leopards And Friends

Snow Leopards And Friends Synopsis: It’s midwinter in the Qinghai Plateau, five kilometers up. This is the home of the snow leopard, the spirit of the Himalayas. Three young yak herders hope to supplement their income by capturing this elusive and majestic creature–on film. Spectacular wildlife (besides snow leopards, bears, wolves, and Bharal sheep are … Read more

The Witness is a Whale

The Witness is a Whale Synopsis: Recently uncovered Soviet whaling reports reveal a startling truth: that whales once roamed the oceans in vastly greater numbers than has ever been estimated. This discovery has massive repercussions both for recent history and for the attempts to save these extraordinary mammals. Director & Producers: Nick Dean and Cheryl … Read more


Izembek Synopsis: For half a century, Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska has been recognized for the ecological value of its unique wetlands and their importance to migratory birds. It is a spectacular habitat of bears, salmon, and walrus, containing both volcanoes and glaciers. Yet there has been pressure for nearly four decades to build … Read more

Nest 38

Nest 38 Synopsis: A pair of Banded Dotterels–small plovers native to New Zealand–attempt to defy the odds to raise their chicks on a surprisingly hostile beach, as their self-appointed guardian Ailsa looks on. Included in the 2021 touring collection. WINNER Director: Tegan Good Producers: Tegan Good & Tom Neunzerling Duration: 13min 10sec Category: Short New … Read more

H20: The Molecule That Made Us

H20: The Molecule That Made Us Synopsis: Earth is only alive because of liquid water. The success of our human story is intimately connected to our relationship with this simple molecule. The growth of our civilizations has created a dangerous dependence on a precious resource that may be about to run out. This three-part series … Read more

Secrets of the Salamanders

Secrets of the Salamanders Synopsis: An unlikely creature could be set to pass its amazing ablity on to humans, the secret of regeneration. We just have to save the last 100 of them to make this a reality. Finalist Director & Producer: Madelaine Westwood Duration: 24min Category: Student United Kingdom Ages 8 + Sponsored by

Youth v Gov

Youth v Gov Synopsis: Youth v Gov is the story of America’s youngest citizens taking on the world’s most powerful government. Twenty-one courageous youth lead a groundbreaking lawsuit, asserting the government has willfully acted over six decades to create our climate crisis, endangering their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property. If these young people … Read more