Kingdoms of Fire, Ice & Fairy Tales

Kingdoms of Fire, Ice & Fairy Tales Synopsis: Television presenter Bonné de Bod and film director Susan Scott search for spaces that inspire awe and wonder, where one can feel the beginning of creation –– what life was like a million years ago. They reveal the challenge of filming in these spots, like temperatures bordering … Read more

Under Review: Katahdin

Under Review: Katahdin Synopsis: A boy grows up spending his days swinging from a tree’s branches,developing a loving friendship with the tree and her saplings. As he grows up he loses his affection for the natural world. Eventually he becomes a logger and is told to slaughter his beloved family of trees. Under Review: Katahdin … Read more

Australia’s Ocean Odyssey

Australia’s Ocean Odyssey Synopsis: The East Australian Current flows from the Great Barrier Reef to Tasmania, bringing warm tropical waters to cold southern seas, transforming the lives of everything in the region. Journey with migrating humpback whales as they travel the length of this marine river and explore the incredible diversity of Australia’s submarine ecosystems. … Read more

Gamechangers: The Football Team Scoring Conservation Goals

Gamechangers: The Football Team Scoring Conservation Goals Synopsis: Six species of sea turtle once nested on Ghana’s beaches, but only three are seen today. Hoping to stop the decline, Daniel Kwesi Botchwey has joined EJF’s conservation campaign in Gomoa Fetteh, a coastal town in the Central Region of Ghana. A local project officer who also … Read more

A Voice for Whales

A Voice for Whales Synopsis: In 2018, Pacific Whale Foundation’s founder Greg Kaufman passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer. A Voice for Whales was created by Greg’s wife Selket Kaufman to tell the story of his fight to save humpback whales from extinction by educating the public, from a scientific perspective, about whales … Read more

My History of Trees

My History of Trees Synopsis: Consisting of four short chapters narrated by Montana artist Leslie Van Stavern Millar, My History of Trees is a personal story about an artist’s evolving appreciation for trees, illustrated with photographs, paintings, and drawings. My History of Trees encourages the use of one’s creative passion to advocate on behalf of … Read more


Entangled Synopsis: Entangled is a new, multiple award-winning film about how climate change has accelerated a collision between endangered North American right whales, the lucrative lobster industry, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a federal agency mandated to protect them both. winner Director: David Abel Producers: David Abel and Andy Laub Duration: 1hr 15min … Read more

After The Wildfires

After The Wildfires Synopsis: Australia’s fauna has a long, impressive history of surviving on the driest inhabited continent on Earth. After the Wildfires charts the long-term recovery of wildlife in the aftermath of Australia’s recent catastrophic bushfires through stories of hope, human intervention, and resilience. It provides an urgent message to safeguard our environment and … Read more


Tabira Synopsis: Veterinarian Alfonso Bañeres has treated hundreds of birds of prey and, but among all of them one stands out. Tabira tells the story of a family of veterinarians who adopted a chick that nobody wanted, and of the unexpected arrival of a raptor that ended up becoming both a daughter and a high-flying … Read more

I’m Yet To See The Mountain

I Am Yet to See This Mountain Synopsis: In Gurgaon, India, an ancient forest serves as a playground for a group of village children. Their lives, games, stories, and philosophies of life are deeply rooted to the landscape of the forest. But everything is soon to change as the city begins to grow taller than … Read more