Sonora Synopsis: Sonora is an experiential short documentary that explores the human sensory connection to nature through the mind of Juan Pablo Culasso, a blind birder in Colombia. Director: Johnny Holder Producer: Johnny Holder, Pablo Camacho Duration: 24 minutes Finalist Category: Student & New Vision United States Bozeman – 4/30 SAT |  6:00 pm | … Read more


Snowstorm Synopsis: A meditative glimpse of Seagulls and Bufflehead Ducks navigating winter weather on Lake Michigan. Director: David Busse Duration: 4 minutes 30 seconds United States WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Sponsored by

Rhapsody for a Rock Wren

Rhapsody for a Rock Wren Synopsis: Set in the wilds of alpine New Zealand, Rhapsody for a Rock Wren is a personal exploration of the human-nature connection. Director: Lauren Schaer Producer: Lauren Schaer Duration: 14 minutes New Zealand WATCH VIRTUALLY MAY 1-7 Sponsored by

New Wings

New Wings Synopsis: This non-narrative, quiet documentary is an immersive glimpse into the work-space of the commited Dr. Janos Deri, who has dedicated a life-time to serving wild birds that do not have a voice of their own. Director: Suraj Bhattarai Producer: Doc Nomads Masters Programme Duration: 13 minutes Finalist Category: New Vision Hungary WATCH … Read more


Hargila Synopsis: A wildlife photographer travels to India intent on documenting the rarest stork on earth but soon discovers a conservation hero and her inspiring efforts to rally a local community to save it. Directors: Gerrit Vyn Produced by Gerrit Vyn and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Duration: 23 minutes Finalist Category: Short US WATCH … Read more

Deveaux Bank: Reflections of a Cultural Ornithologist

Deveaux Bank: Reflections of a Cultural Ornithologist Synopsis: In May 2019, a biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources made a monumental discovery: 20,000 Whimbrel (a threatened and rapidly declining migratory shorebird) roosting together in a single flock on Deveaux Bank: a treeless sandbar 20 miles south of Charleston. This spectacle—a flock representing … Read more