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Octopus intelligence is well-documented. They are able to navigate complex mazes, use tools, learn from each other, solve all kinds of puzzles, and even dream. What is new in the world of octopus research is the extent to which these intelligent animals are able to recognize faces and interact with other individuals, all of which are odd adaptations for an animal thought to live an asocial existence. Octopus: Making Contact follows an octopus named Heidi and her evolving relationship with a marine biologist and his teenage daughter.

Octopus: Making Contact

  • Director: Anna Fitch

  • Executive Producers: David Allen, Fred Kaufman

  • Series Producers: Bill Murphy, Holly Spearing

  • Series Editors: Janet Hess, Roger Webb

  • Duration: 52min

  • Category: Children's

    include more about octopuses and their deep intellect.