A White Dream

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In love with images and the cold, the wildlife photographer Jérémie Villet travels alone through the white deserts of the northern hemisphere with his pulka and his telephoto lens, looking for animals that survive in extreme cold. During his upcoming expedition in the Canadian North, Jérémie is about to explore the wild and extreme Yukon region, with the ultimate goal of photographing the legendary mountain goat. The difficulty of access to the mountain territories where this animal dwells and the freezing temperatures will make the task challenging. Carried by adventures and unique human and animal encounters, this documentary allows gives us an an intimate view of this changing world.

  • Directors: Mathieu Le Lay

  • Producer: Alexandre Soullier

  • Duration: 52 minutes

  • Finalist Category: Feature

  • France

Bozeman - 4/30 SAT | 3:30 pm | The Rialto Theater

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