Epic Animal migrations: mexico

epic animal migrations

Epic Animal Migrations: Mexico takes us on an epic journey to one of the least known, most biodiverse countries on the planet with unique and unprecedented access to its most spectacular wildlife events. Each year, Mexico’s diverse biomes---deserts, jungles, reefs and mountains--transform into sanctuaries for millions of creatures, from 40-ton Gray Whales and colonies of over 90,000 Olive Ridley turtles to flocks of American flamingos looking for a place to nest and massive swarms of Monarch butterflies.

Not a part of the 2020 Virtual festival, will be scheduled for future IWFF Presents 2020 monthly screenings at The Roxy Theater.

  • Director: Emiliano Ruprah

  • Producer: Benjamin G. Hewett

  • Duration: 51min

  • Category: 2020 Selection