Epic Yellowstone: A Winter Hunt

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It’s winter in Yellowstone National Park. Driving snow and temperatures 50 degrees below zero collide with spewing heat from subterranean forces, creating dramatic, otherworldly displays. Along a geothermal river that never freezes, a bobcat navigates the challenges of winter in America’s first national park. A Winter Hunt will be part of a special IWFF Awards Ceremony installation in downtown Missoula on April 30, 2021.

About IWFF pop-up installations:
Three different media installations are planned for the festival in order to safely engage the Missoula community and celebrate the 2021 film selections. Community members will be encouraged to walk by three different media installations from 8 to 10:00 pm as classic Missoula structures act as the screen underneath the big Montana sky.

IWFF Pop-up Installation

  • Directed by Thomas Winston

  • Produced by Tria Thalman

  • Grizzly Creek Films &

  • Smithsonian Channel

  • US

  • Category: 2021 Selection

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