Expedition Nautilus: Fiji

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Go deep with a team of scientists and a young conservationist in search of one of Earth's most ancient and rarely seen creatures: the nautilus.

  • Director & Producer:

  • Gianna Savoie

  • Duration: 30min

  • Category: 2021 Selection

  • US

Ages 8+

Sponsored by

portico (353x225)


Join filmmakers, Madeleine Brennan and Gianna Savoie in conversation about three short films: Growing Up Kiwi, Keepers of the Shy Place, and Expedition Nautilist: Fiji. Gianna acted as Madeleine’s advisor on her film, a nominee in the best student film category--the two worked together in the Masters program at the University of Otago in New Zealand. 20 minutes. The two get into how they think up titles, how they approached each specific project differently, and all the amazing collaborators along the way. Moderated by Carrie Richer, IWFF Artistic Director.