Hidden Wild

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Behind the homes and freeways of suburban Palm Beach County, an incredible network of swamps, scrub, and waterways lies waiting to be discovered. Join science educator Alex Freeze as she takes three South Florida students on an expedition to discover the wilderness hidden in their own backyards.

Included in the 2021 touring collection.


  • Directors & Producers:

  • Neil Losin and Nathan Dappen

  • Produced by Day's Edge Productions

  • Duration: 26min

  • Category: Rising from the Depths

  • US

Ages 12+


Join us for adventure tales! Learn more about how one expedition has had a domino effect, re-introducing Floridians to the wilderness around them. Alex Morrison and Benji Studt tell us all about the experience of leading three students--including Kiana Layla, a Palm Beach High School student--through the Florida wilderness. Moderated by IWFF Artistic Director, Carrie Richer.