rewilding the night


The night sky inspires awe, wonder, and respect, but this precious natural resource is under constant threat from light pollution. In Grand Teton National Park, social and biological scientists are studying the effects of night sky-friendly lighting on people and bats to see if darker night skies can inspire deeper connections with nature, protect an intricate ecosystem, and bring a little bit of the wild back into our lives.

Accessible for free April 18-25.

  • Directors: Tim Childers, Alex Dainis, Kevin McLean, Peri Sasnett

  • Producers: Tim Childers, Alex Dainis, Kevin McLean, Peri Sasnett

  • Duration: 4min 37sec

  • Category: 2020 Selection


Behind-the-scenes video celebrating collaborative filmmaking and gives a taste of the team's experience at the Jackson Media Lab, 2019. Watch Now. This short explores research by the Barber Lab at Boise State University.

Creature Feature: Little Brown Bat

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