Secrets of The Elephants: DESERT & RAINFOREST


Elephants are powerful, loving and wise, but we are only starting to unlock their deepest secrets. The award-winning natural history series Secrets of… returns with its next installment, Secrets of the Elephants. The series travels the world—from the Savannahs of Africa to the urban landscapes of Asia—to discover the strategic thinking, complex emotions and sophisticated language of elephants, shaping a unique and dynamic culture. Narrated by Natalie Portman and featuring renowned National Geographic Explorer and elephant expert Dr. Paula Kahumbu, Secrets of the Elephants will change everything you thought you knew about elephants forever.
The IWFF will screen the Deserts and the Rainforest episodes of the series during the festival.


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60 minutes

Finalist Category: Animal Behavior & Series

Producers: James Cameron and Maria Wilhelm (Earthship), Lucinda Axelsson, Pamela Caragol (National Geographic), Dr. Paula Kahumbu

Editors: Giles LLewellyn-Thomas, Gary Mcmath

Director of Photography: Toby Strong

Director of Photography: Bob Poole