Snow Leopards And Friends

Photo 1 SnowLeopard_11cTMFS_Mark_Fletcher_Productions_Wild_China_Films_Zi_Ding


It’s midwinter in the Qinghai Plateau, five kilometers up. This is the home of the snow leopard, the spirit of the Himalayas. Three young yak herders hope to supplement their income by capturing this elusive and majestic creature--on film. Spectacular wildlife (besides snow leopards, bears, wolves, and Bharal sheep are seen), and the stunning backdrop is the setting for a moving story about nature, motherhood, and the fragility of life.

  • Directors:

  • Xi Zhinong, Zi Ding, Da Jie, Qu Peng

  • CoProducers:

  • Terra Mater Factual Studios, Mark Fletcher Productions, and Wild China Films

  • Duration: 52min

  • Category: 2021 Selection

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