The Snow Leopard Calling

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Disturbed by how herders trap and torture snow leopards, Tshiring, a young conservationist from the Dolpo Himalayas feels a sense of urgency to protect the last of these endangered big cats. She takes on a challenging research expedition over three winter months in an empty village, organizing a trek that could help change perceptions about the need to protect snow leopards.

  • Director: Sonam Choekyi Lama

  • Producer: Snow Leopard Journeys

  • Duration: 9min

  • Category: 2021 Selection


From the jury: This short film is a powerful reminder that a small group of individuals can change the world. With a big picture in mind, these two young women have made one simple short film that manages to impact local tourism, conservation, and cultural change in their own local community. Sonam and Tshiring lead a new generation of filmmakers capturing our world's imperiled landscape with the hope and resilience that we want to see more of!


Join filmmaker Sonam Choekyi and snow leopard researcher Tshiring Lhamu Lama, both of whom grew up in Dolpo in Nepal. In this conversation, Sonam explains her inspirations for telling stories from her village and Tshiring highlights her courageous efforts toward local snow leopard conservation.