tracking black bears

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Wildlife ecologist and National Geographic Explorer Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant proves you can be a self-identifying "city girl" while pursuing passions in the forest. GPS-tracking, modeling natural habitats, and forecasting migratory patterns are all essential for her mission: studying black bears and their behavior around human areas. Rae exercises GIS tools in South Lake Tahoe where the locals--humans and bears alike--are learning how to safely coexist.

Accessible for free April 18-25.

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  • Executive Producer & Director

    Vanessa Serrao

  • Sr. Producer - Sarah Joseph

  • Duration: 8min 1sec

  • Category: 2020 Selection


Films and information on co-existing with bears from People and Carnivores.

How to volunteer for bear safety projects with The Great Bear Foundation.

Activity: Explore GIS tracking like this scientist.

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