True Wild: The Real Story Of Wolves On Ted Turner's Montana Ranch

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Biologist Val Asher offers amazing insights into the real, not mythological, wolf in True Wild. Mountain Journal and filmmaker Daniel Glick present this exploration of the lessons of wild wolves on Ted Turner's Flying D Ranch, one of the largest wolf packs in North America, and the legacy of one of the most influential modern wildlife advocates in the world.

Included in the 2021 touring collection.

  • Director & Producer: Daniel Glick

  • Produced by Mountain Journal

  • Duration: 20min 42sec

  • Category: 2021 Selection

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Mountain journal


Wolf Biologist, Val Asher and filmmaker Daniel Glick talk about getting to know each other duriung the filmming of True Wild. Listen in on more stories from the Flying D Ranch and just how far listening and observing can get you with both wolves and a hesitant biologist. Moderated by IWFF Artistic Director, Carrie Richer.