Wild Window: Whales

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Wild Window: Whales is intended as background art to be displayed on large high-resolution televisions and includes three species: humpback whales, sperm whales, and blue whales. Wild Window: Whales will close the festival with an immersive installation along the Clark Fork River. Walk by and experience Howard Hall's incredible underwater photography and sounds under the ocean. Please bring a mask and practice social distancing.

About IWFF pop-up installations:
Three different media installations are planned for the festival in order to safely engage the Missoula community and celebrate the 2021 film selections. Community members will be encouraged to walk by three different media installations from 8 to10:00 pm as classic Missoula structures act as the screen underneath the big Montana sky.

  • Directors: Howard Hall

  • Producer: Michele Hall

  • Duration: 58min 59sec

  • Category: Rising from the Depths

  • US

Sponsored by

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