Interested in making a wild memory with IWFF by volunteering with us?

If you are 18 years of age or older, your Volunteer journey begins at the International Wildlife Film Festival, where you can be a part of the world’s leading community focused wildlife film festival, which brings the best in wildlife cinema to Missoula every April.

After participating with the Festival, Volunteers will have the opportunity to join us year-round at The Roxy Theater as part of the many teams that support our programming 365 days a year.

Below you’ll find the link to our volunteer registration page. Once you’re signed up, we will notify you via email when shifts become available. We will post IWFF shifts starting in mid-March. There are many shifts of all shapes and sizes and specifications so you can find something that works best for you.
1 free IWFF film pass to any film of your choice.


IWFF Promo Team: Dress up in animal costumes, hold signs and pass out flyers on street corners!

Street Teamers: Help spread the word about IWFF! Hang up festival posters at local businesses and locations all over town. There are 4 routes to choose from: Downtown, Hip Strip, University/Eastgate, and “Other Areas” (ie: grocery stores, breweries, the mall, etc.). This will begin the first of April.

Box Office: Sell tickets, greet and provide general information to guests. Box Office volunteers must be comfortable with crowds, handling cash and running a register app on an iPad. (Roxy Theater)

Concessions: MUST be 18 or older (alcohol handling involved). Concessionaires serve beverages, popcorn, candy, and other snacks behind the counter, as well as occasionally run the merchandise counter. Must be comfortable with crowds, handling cash and running a register app on an iPad. (Roxy Theater)

Usher: Ushers will help staff with crowd control and miscellaneous tasks. Must be comfortable talking to and directing crowds. (Roxy Theater)

Shift Reminder Calls: Friendly reminder calls are needed every day to call volunteers for the following day to remind them of their shift, time, and location. (Make calls from the Roxy Theater.)

WildWalk & WildFest: Helping redirect traffic and ensuring safety for marchers during the parade.  We need extra support ensuring the food trucks and performers are helped with their needs. (WildFest is at Caras Park, WildWalk proceeds down Higgins Avenue.)

Party Helpers: Party volunteers will help the events coordinator set up for parties, attend to guests, help break down and clean up afterwards. (Located at various venues around Missoula.)

School Matinee Support: We have student matinees happening the entire week of the festival. We need ushers to help with crowd control, getting students into the theater and situated. (Located at Dennison Theater on the University of Montana Campus).

We expecting large audiences from all over Montana as filmmakers from around the world land in Missoula in April.

This event could not happen without your support. We look forward to seeing you at the theater.

Questions? Email [email protected] or call 406.728.9380


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